Introducing a new blockheads discord server!

I’ve considered this for about 2 weeks and have finally decided to make this discord server.

It has a lot of things and is even suited for you to have a little chat with the members on your blockheads (app) server!
I really hope you enjoy this as I’ve put so much effort into it and will continue to put effort into it.

This server has… not many things but will expand and grow with suggestions/help.

------- RULES AND MODERATION -------
#rules: Self explanatory. Dyno commands
#new-blockheads: Channel for new members.
#reaction-roles: Currently only one reaction role, but will grow in size.
#staff-chat: chat for staff
#staff-logs: logs for staff

------- SERVER -------
#general: Self explanatory. Chat with people about the blockheads here!
#off-topic: Off topic chat. Nothing much else to say really.
#average-chat: Reach level 10 and chat here with others!
#active-chat: Reach level 20 and chat here with others!

------- FORUMS -------
#forums-meta: Talk about the forums meta here.
#forums-tipsguides: Talk about tips and guides in general here.
#forums-multiplayer: A place where you can advertise your blockheads server to everyone, and have chats about your server (if you want) via threads. (Will be renamed soon.)
#forums-images: Post wacky images blockheads related.

------- VC’s -------
Blockheads Server 1 - 3: All of these VCs fit a maximum of 16 people and are meant to act as a voice chat inside a server.
Chaos: Infinite people, rules still apply.
Some certain rules that apply in this forum may not apply in the server.

------- VENTING -------
#venting: Vent about your frustrations.

I hope you come around! The Unofficial Blockheads Server

edited again since someone decided to flag it

scroll down in order to see the invite link


Reminder to join the discord server if you want to make threads (subchannels for your blockheads server) and chat with other users in your server, there are 3 voice channels for this, each holding a maximum of 16 people (a bh server limit)

the link to it is where it says “the unofficial blockheads server”

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