Introducing Google Translator Blockheads Edition


Now we need a Blockhead Translate.
English: Hello
Blockhead: Dead silence


Lemme just

Also it says inteoducing lol


Introducing Dropbear!

Now learn what dropbears are saying!

(Its mostly cuss words, so I wouldn’t do it!, and they speak awfully fast)


Could someone make me a English to LEGO brick translator?

I will enable PM’s so I can give you what I want it to say:)



WIll it like make the letters with lego bricks?


I’ve been on this forum for almost 2 years, and I think this the first time I’ve seen Milla say this.


especially this, lol


Why am I getting notifications I muted this thread wth


The power of translation shall compel you.


Can you translate blockhead because I don’t understand what they are saying :stuck_out_tongue:


I already did:
English: I’m hungry
Blockhead: More dead silence

See? It is hopeless :weary:


English: Hello
Female Blockhead: OW!
Male Blockhead: AHH!


Yes that is basically the only sound they make XD


And they yawn, but that’s just about it.