Introducing Google Translator Blockheads Edition


We live in a world where technology is the future.

Here at Google, our team of experts have worked with multiple companies to work at making new technology.

One of these companies includes Majic Jungle Software.

Here, we have worked with the developer to help implement new languages into Google Translator.

After a few months of work, we added some languages, such as Cave Troll, Dodo, and Dropbears!

This update will come out in about a month from now, so get ready!

Happy 4th of July,

Santeeisweird9, an unauthorized Google employee.

(This is clearly a joke)

The blockheads translator!
Introducing Google Maps: Blockheads Edition

Dang I was hoping to get to talk to my cave troll, Bert. :joy: Just kidding.


@williamjs more translation fails on your YouTube channel?

I’ve actually been to Google’s Headquarters in Mountains View, CA last weekend.


Hmm… Maybe. :wink:


So far we have Cave Troll…

Any suggestions?



EDIT You realized i did how do you doing? instead of how are you doing?.


It’s night where I am so I’ll work on your translations guys!

For now we have Cave Troll.


(and donkey)


I don’t know if this would be a game or OT.


Nice photoshop skills, it looks real from the image preview


It’s inspect element.


I would like to be able to talk to my unicorns like SNOWFLAKE and RUBY

The blockheads translator!



I took wumbology last year! Probably one of the hardest courses I ever took.


@Santeeisweird9_real the translation is off. It would actually be Growll

this is why you don’t use google translate


Can I just say something… the fridge and cafeteria and snack bar in every level of Google offices are to die for…!



Made a donkey translator.




Best thread ever. I’m moving it as it’s on-topic, and fun.