Introducing: THE SKEEVATRON!


Well, I do always wear black. :joy:


Consider it done. In about 10 years. (warning: i suck at pixel art)


Haha…I was the 1/5 of the way; to completing that! :joy:

That would be insanely big!


Lol the one in the middle could represent the “ALL BLACKS” rugby guinea pig XD


Semi update:

  1. Will upload the Excel file to bhfans tomorrow for convenience :slight_smile:
  2. Took me about 2 hours tonight to (mostly, recipes, stats not yet done, but it will resize your image for you when given a width / height to fit within) port this program to PHP, seems to be ~10x faster (probably because nothing is output until the process is complete), and results in very similar results. I took the demo image Skeeve posted above, set the program to resize to 60x40, and received the following:

Hoping to throw together a web interface & put this up too, shouldn’t be too large of a project.


Wow fantastic! I knew it would be a good idea to involve more talent on this. What’s PHP by the way?


Can this be used on mobile?


If I understand correctly, that’s what Bibliophile is attempting to do. In the meantime, to use my VBA macro, you need a windows based computer with Excel.


Here’s the file :slight_smile:


Okay, this isn’t really polished yet, but here’s an update. It won’t work on older browsers.

I still need to figure out how to put the image code over the pixels in a good way, and it doesn’t display everything the excel file does, but it does somewhat work :slight_smile:


Outstanding! I like the way it displays the pictures of the pigments instead of just my recipe (RRY). So much easier to visualize.


I am confused how does this work? Can i have a



I will try as best as I can. @Skeeve correct me if I am wrong.
When you make TBH pixel art, sometimes it is hard to find exactly the right color you need, but the Skeevatron changes that. If you find a picture somewhere and you want to make a TBH pixel art out of it, run it through the Skeevatron, (I think it is an Exel file or something, but I am probably wrong) and it will tell you what is the best color for each block. It also says how many paint buckets you need of that color, so you can make way better paintings than before.


How do I activate it?


I have no idea.


@Skeeve can you tell me how i activate it?


Hey guys - to activate, you need the Excel file or to connect to Bibliphile’s link above.

If you want the Excel file, just PM me [redacted].


I’m assuming that the bucket thing is for normal durability, not slow or fast?


correct! I think you just need to double the requirements for fast wear and halve them for slow wear.


Last hijack of this thread, I promise :wink:

I believe my web based version of this tool is ready for production. As linked above, it is available here:

Because of the technology it uses, you need a new browser to use it.

Internet Exploder won’t work
iOS < 10.3 won’t work - iOS 10.3+ will
Firefox, Chrome, Edge - should all work.

Please do let me know if you have trouble. Skeeve, if you’d like me to change the credit link for you - just ask :slight_smile: