Introducing: THE SKEEVATRON!


Wait a sec… how exactly did you do that? The Skeevatron only accepts images 255 x 255 pixels.
The one you have there is over 600 pixels in width.

But anyway, interesting how it turned the Sahara Desert pink :lol:

By the way, I took your image above, reduced the width to 255 pixels keeping the aspect ratio the same and ran it through the Skeevatron. This is what I got. It did turn things a bit pinkish.


The meaning behind this?


If that’s an error message from my Excel file, then most likely what is happening is the program is trying to load an invalid BMP file. It might have the .BMP extension, but for some reason it is incompatible.

What you can try is opening up the file using MSpaint or something similar and then save as BMP 24-bit.
That should do it if it actually is a BMP file.



Yep, that’s your issue. You need to open that file in Paint and go to File > Save As. Choose to save it as a BMP and you should be able to get it working.


Using the excel version, I wasn’t able to load any because the pixel were too big. Is there anyway to resize it?


Yes - if you open the file using MSPaint or some other similar program you can resize it.
You can usually specify the exact number of pixels of one of the sides (length or width) and then the other side will adjust itself automatically keeping the same aspect ratio.

Some information is lost this way, but you wouldn’t be able to capture all the information in a large image anyway.

Simply adjust the size of the longest side to less than 256 pixels and then save it as a BMP 24-bit file and you should be all set.

If not, email me the file and I can try and figure out what happened.


Does this count as dredging?

Welp. I’ve used every single pixel art machine on the internet it seems like, yet none of them are as good as Skeeve’s and Bibliophile’s. Well done guys :+1:


I plan on using it again someda


Thanks Frater - and it should still work well with version 1.7 once it’s out.

My pixel art days have taken a back seat lately due to Beta testing 1.7 and also my plans on running a super-difficult Expert mode server will take me away from using the Skeevatron, but I hope to get back into it again at some point.


I’m not sure where I should “report” this, but using the site, (, I kinda got weird colors…

I used this picture:

And I got this:

It doesn’t matter though, I just needed the shape of the whale.

PS. I am sorry if this is the wrong thread.


Try increasing the size; it would make it more detailed. You could also increase the colors.


That looks rather weird, I guess the PHP function I use to map colors thinks the gray is closer to a purple than to a white. I threw the image into gimp and removed the background to create this image with a background that’s actually white. It worked as expected.


I just discovered something funny today.
Apparently, ThuThu isn’t the first person to coin the phrase “Skeevatron” after all.

There’s this item within the Elder Scrolls Online game called the “Clockwork Skeevatron” which seems to have the ability to generate “Skeeva’s” which are these large rat-like rodents. :lol:

(I don’t actually play Elder Scrolls Online, so I’m not sure if I have this right, but there definitely is something called the Clockwork Skeevatron. Just thought that was hilarious that the name is in use somewhere.)


painting different blocks on different layers can make great shading


Wait can IOS 10.3 work with @Bibliophile’s version?


I believe that’s new enough to use it. Give it a try and see :slight_smile:

There might be some issues if you try to use a massive image output size simply due to memory limits on iOS…


i’m going to use the skeevatron to design and build this structure. :slight_smile:
its a building from SimCity buildit, the “tower of debates” from the epic projects class.

where should i build this?

  • My new server
  • Eternal memories

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i’m just going to paste this here:

total blocks: 12,608 blocks. -40?? if you are not using the whole thing


I think Eternal Memories should have a city area. :slight_smile: