Introducing: THE SKEEVATRON!


How big is your input / output image? If you try to use massive images it will take a good while to load…


That should work…

I looked into this a bit more and realized that apparently BHFans got a PHP update that I wasn’t aware of, resulting in Imagick not being installed. I’ve reached out to Red to see if this can be resolved.


Ha. Never heard of “Clockwork Skeevatron”. I just made it up because I like to make up words and phrases that are catchy and amuse me.

To me, your genius Skeevatron will always be the one and only original. :wink: (keeping the blinders on).


I seem to have encountered the same issue as @nothingwhatsoever. Will we be informed of when this could be potentially resolved?


This is a year old. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to the thread


It’s your bday? If so, your post doesn’t belong here.
But happy birthday! (If it is):birthday:


Its the birthday to the thread.


He made an edit to his post after


Is this supposed to be working now?


The Excel file Skeeve put together never stopped working - the web version I built did die for a while, but it is working now.


@Bibliophile thanks. Does it need to be used on a specific platform? Can I use it on my phone or does it need to be used on PC/laptop?


The web version works great on my phone.


@PorkyTheChop - does it always take a long time?


Large photos will take long. The program looks at every single pixel, one at a time. Usually that’s not a problem but once you get above a 256*256 photo it begins to get cumbersome.


My photo isn’t to long but the system is taking forever. At least I don’t think it’s large. Here is my photo:
I hope someone will be able to help!


That image looks fine to me, did you save it in the correct format? You could also try running the image through the online version I built:

Use the actual image url:

Paste it into here:

Choose the width & height & click go.

Here’s an example with 20x20





this is really cool