Introducing: THE SKEEVATRON!


How big is your input / output image? If you try to use massive images it will take a good while to load…


That should work…

I looked into this a bit more and realized that apparently BHFans got a PHP update that I wasn’t aware of, resulting in Imagick not being installed. I’ve reached out to Red to see if this can be resolved.


Ha. Never heard of “Clockwork Skeevatron”. I just made it up because I like to make up words and phrases that are catchy and amuse me.

To me, your genius Skeevatron will always be the one and only original. :wink: (keeping the blinders on).


I seem to have encountered the same issue as @nothingwhatsoever. Will we be informed of when this could be potentially resolved?


This is a year old. Happy birthday!


Happy birthday to the thread


It’s your bday? If so, your post doesn’t belong here.
But happy birthday! (If it is):birthday:


Its the birthday to the thread.


He made an edit to his post after


Is this supposed to be working now?


The Excel file Skeeve put together never stopped working - the web version I built did die for a while, but it is working now.


@Bibliophile thanks. Does it need to be used on a specific platform? Can I use it on my phone or does it need to be used on PC/laptop?


The web version works great on my phone.


@PorkyTheChop - does it always take a long time?


Large photos will take long. The program looks at every single pixel, one at a time. Usually that’s not a problem but once you get above a 256*256 photo it begins to get cumbersome.