Introducing: Vanilla Hub! (Mac Server)

@JarlPenguin, @PorkyTheChop, @Celadon, and @Wingysam have worked together to create a new world called VANILLA HUB!


  • 12 of every bench*, fully upgraded!
  • Free starters, including 5 soft beds, an iron door (for the room that you’re given), and everything you need for a portal chest**!

We’ve worked very hard on this over the past few days, fighting some of the worst RNG we’ve ever seen (No sky islands or gems from space to lava)! We’ve spent hours of time, more than a safe of platinum coins, used all of @Wingysam’s titanium, and faced a few engineering challenges.




  • Follow all global rules.
  • If you break out of the container, report the method to an admin.
  • Do not block access to benches by crafting without energy (intentionally, if it’s an accident we understand).


Port: 15119

* except for benches that cannot be stacked. This means campfire, easel, electric sluice, and refinery. There are only 6 of those.
** time crystals not included

Note: We made this 6 months ago, but just didn’t post it :blush:


Is it whitelisted still?

It was when you sent that :wink:


So let’s see my phone does and my username is- taken? Wait what- I blame it on mi- oh wait “Blame Dave”…

You escaped, so I took over your account. You can log in again now.

Oh okay

Sounds super fun!

Not sure whether I was able to spawn in a Blockhead…the lag was really bad, but it was probably on my end.

Nice world, shame I don’t need to craft anything right now.

I joined, and had no idea what to do so i just meditated while wingy was afk

It’s stuck at Searching…

It shouldn’t be… I can join it. Can you try again please? Was your device not connected to internet?

@williamjs if that persists it might be worth doing a host lookup, to see if you can resolve Wingysam’s domain. Let me know which OS your computer runs if you’d like a hand with that.

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It works now.

You can’t leave spawn

Send me a message on Discord (Wingy#3538) or here then I can come and set you up.

Yay! :blush:

What does everyone think of adding a shopping area where you can buy, process, and sell materials? (I would love to buy black glass for 5GC each)

  • Yes
  • No

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amazing server I just joined good job

Could one of y’all reset owner so I can join again?

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Please pm me your ign

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