Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Hey guys! I’m back with another forum game!
Here’s how it works:
Person 1: I invent the boss bacon, a bacon wrapped in bacon wrapped in bacon.
Person 2: Mmm…tastes like bacon.
I invent the ultimate nachos, nachos with every type of cheese on them!
Person 3: Every type of cheese? Wow, that’s a lot of cheese!
You’re allowed to invent any type of food, feel free to make it as delicious or disgusting as you’d like!
Ok, I’ll start:
I invent the Healthy Breakfast, an egg, cereal, and hash brown wrapped in pancakes.


Om nomnom nom pancakes

It’s ok

I invent cheese and roadrunner casserole.



It’s strange.

I invent relish on a popsicle (I ate this IRL once)



I invent a banana inside of white bread.


Tastes like a dry banana. Could use honey.

I make a sautéed sweet potato.


Bleugh! I hate sweet potatoes.

I kill a dodo and serve you its dead body covered in mud.


Nomnomnom GIVE ME MORE

I invent cheese

Oh wait…


crunch crunch crunch mmm, I feel smarter already!
I invent microwaved orange slices.


That is *gags* spicy, and also -chokes- crud, I’m lactose intolerant. :face_vomiting:

I invent Burritos on a Stick, with melted seran wrap because it’s microwaved incorrectly :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I invent powdered water. Just add water!


No taste.

I invent air in a box.


Air happens to be one of my favorite snacks, I could consume it all day. This is quite delicious.
I make some boiled clovers.


I eat them. They taste like grass yet delicious. Today is my lucky day!
I invent forum thread stew.


Tastes like TV static.

I invent cement smoothie.


I’m dead.

I invent an edible black hole (banana flavor)


I’m dead, although the first nanosecond was the best taste in the world!

I invent a strawberry that tastes like banana!


Cool, but odd…

I invent a cherry that tastes like cheese.


So it’s like eating cheese but it looks different? Idk lol
I invent the double decker ice cream sandwich. Aka an ice cream sandwich on an ice cream sandwich. Twice the ice cream :smiley:




I cook a new food, dropbear cooked meat!



I invent grilled wormses.