Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


i am sad now
I invent blockhead burgers


Very tasty!

I invent apples that taste like not apples but they are still apples and have the appley taste but also doesn’t taste like apples


Tasty… throws apple in trash with fork

I invent an unknown food but I can give you a hint of its color:
It also has a sweet taste

|3 |^ 0 \/\/ |\|


NOPE shoves in @Raymond5525’s mouth with a slingahot, not touching it at all

I invent radioactive material that tastes like a volcano (i typed this entire thing(besides the stuff above and in the parentheses)with auto correct.)


I die.

I invent a pill of death.


I live, wait, that’s not what happened. I die.

I invent a pill of pills


I try to eat it, but I realize that I hate pills. Into the trash you go!
I invent curly fries with powdered sugar on them.


Ugh, salty and sweet do not go together!

I invent apples with bread covering it


Sweet yet curled yum :yum:
I invent cheesy curly chicken nuggets


Lel we posted at the same time i guess the next person has to eat both


Lol :laughing:



I invent bottled air.


I stuff all of them in my mouth.
And vomit.
I invent a deck of cards that tastes like diamonds and metal shovels.


I refuse to eat it because you never ate my bottled air. You shove it in my mouth and I get disgusted by your card invention because it tastes like metal.

I invent dirt sandwiches.


Bleh it’s nothing close to as good as sand -wiches
I invent the stoney baloney sandwich


Very stiff…
I invent a food inventor inventor


Tastes like food.
I invent bottled Argon.



I invent fish pie. With salt rock


Something smells fishy
… I invent fish scented sock scented shampoo flavored coffee dipped chocolate frosted fudge filled 2 week old flavored donut :doughnut:


Tastes like donuts and fish, grusssssss

I invent the chili pepper sandwich with Angelica’s home remedy to everything: EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA EXTRA chili pepper soup

Cures everythin’