Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


My teeth decay

I invent an editable Holy Grail


It taste historic

I create an edible tide pod


I throw it to the person under me to eat it with whatever I make for them.
I invent the most chocolatey cake ever known to man kind. (It’s healthy too!)


yum i feel 101% healthier now
I invent uranium cake
its radioactive


I become a shortwave radio.

I invent a shortwave radio.


i play music and i am good
I invent edible microsoft paint


Ew tastes like red lake 40 and microchips
I invent the radioactive yak covered microchip
(And it’s edible!)



I invent a food less food


No you’re not… AND I KNOW


Tastes like nothing.
I invent edible edibles.


Tastes edible.

I invent wood.


Ouch splintery!!!

I invent the pee / poop / jelly sandwich


Hmmm… chewy at one point, and, hmm… do I taste a pinch of parmesan in there? hmm… chews more crash (I went unconscious) WEEEEOOOOOWEEEEEOOOO(sirens)

I invent… a chicken oppa(from Big Marvel the YouTube channel) and rubber sandwich.

WAIT a minute… eyes open with sudden realization as the doctors are inspecting me and they jump back in surprise is that YOUR pee and poop?


chewy, very chewy…

I invent the letter A


Yes mine.


Tastes like alphabet.
I invent the letter :b:


Tastes like alphabet soup.

I invent a motorcycle.


Tastes like exhaust and oil
I invent a edible laptop covered in battery acid :smiley:


I die.
I invent edible lightbulbs


Mmmmmm. (10 seconds into chewing) (Zap) OWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (RUNS 1000000000000000000000000000000 MILES FROM THE THINGY)