Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


I am now dead because you did not make a food.

I invent a death to the touch knife (Yes, if you touch the knife at all, you die. But I can not die from it >:D)


I use the handle and throw it at best
I invent @schelle2.0 poop sandwitch


Nope. throws at you (Also, from mine, you would be dead. It’s death to the touch. that doesn’t mean you can touch the handle without dying. I’m sorry I didn’t clarify that.)

I invent a food.


tastes like food…

I invent the letter C


Uhh, doesn’t taste like anything.

I Invent a Jango.


Tastes like the letter J and a mango.

I’m inventing a cake.

But oh boy oh boy It’s not your ordinary average cake, it’s a really sweet strawberry sponge cake that is 30% sweeter than the average strawberry sponge cake. Expect I put lactives in it and you’ll have diahrriah for like 2 weeks.

Pro of eating invented cake: It is really sweet.
Con of eating invented cake: Jesus frick having diahrriah for 2 weeks is too much, I’d feel bad for my toilet whoops.


Tastes like a deleted post. Kind of ashy with some smoldering coals. Perhaps it was incinerated?
I invent a dollar bill that’s been in circulation for 43 years.


Yumm… tastes like cheese cake

blows up

I invent the most hottest pepper called the Carolina death reaper and I force you to eat it forever


Hmm… Seems real… Dies of hyperthermia

I invent an apple that tases like the letter D


Hmm, it tastes like :b:️ …

I this time invent Yogurto.

It tastes exactly like yogurt, expect you’ll get diahrreah too because I put lactives in it.


I get a stomach ache.

I invent dirt.


Tastes like dirt.

Frick, it was delicious.

I invent floor.

Eat a floor off the floor.


Hmmm… It burns in my stomach (because I’m a volcano >:D)

I invent Grammarly juice. It tastes like perfect grammar.


This precious substance is incredibly perfect.

I invent the letter E


Tastes emazing
I invent stone gummy bears dipped in gasoline


Tastes… Natural

I invenr the letter grade F


Tastes… Hmm… Like being grounded for a month and beatings.

I invent… an edible gadget that destroys pirated TC.


I choke on the floor.

I shouldn’t have eaten that!


I invent a leaf.



Im dead, I can’t eat a computer you know?

I invent 63643_1

Oh, lol. You posted above me.

I feel sick, :sick: I got the flu!!!


I eat the image.

Hm, tastes like .png

I invent …