Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Oh, okay?
The picture was knex.

I invent 682.


Tastes numerical.

I invent a bird.


I secretly take it instead of eating it.

I invent Bob.


Hmm Tastes like my meme I stole of the one in Meme War. Also like Bob’s Discount Furniture…

I invent MEMES


Tatses like lots of cringeing and some photo editing apps.
I invent pvc piping.


Hmm… unrecognizable

I invent the letter GREAT


It taste "Great"
I invent a food that taste like Sohcahtoa


Tastes like math.
I invent… LIFE


Oh… I am supposed to eat it. Yum

spits out food


I invent liquid nitrogen and dry ice that’s colored like a poptart


Oooo, poptart!
AHHHH cold!

I invent a cup that holds water from the River Phlegethon





I invent yak cookies.


Yakkity yak.
I invent majical 1.7 flavored flavors.


tastes like the agony when android gets 1.7 and I don’t
I invent the Edible Internal Combustion Engine.


chews What am I even eating?

I invent a chocolate doge covered with sprinkles, lava cake, and just a pinch of pepper.


om nom nom

wait, im eating a doge?! IM A DOGE OMG OMG OMG the chocolate is yummy though

I invent edible electric motors.


I’m shocked, too metalic but very good

i invent unicorn cake


I taste the rainbow, tastes like a clod.

I invent a dinosaur meat stew mixed with some iron.



I invent a lithium battery.


It’s very light…

I invent a chocolate-covered Brer-Rabbit