Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Tastes horrible

I invent a knife


I invented “I wish for rof hsiw I”

I get stabbed in the throat and die



Tastes like anger.

I invent “Mine too!”.


It tastes like a meme.

I invent “Mines gone. And my chair is broken too.”


Tastes sad.

I invent an invention can that invent inventions which create other inventions which create an invention


Tastes like inventions

I invent “Someone is in thisa house!”


Tastes like what i drink all the time instead of pop. (Or soda, where i live we call it pop)

I invent “It has a face, but no body!”


Tastes like Goldilocks.

I invent “Oh, hello! I just dropped in.”.


Tastes like us going back and forth doing the entire spaghett meme

I invent “You go home!”


Tases like something I don’t know
I invent the double decker quadruple decker bacon oil syrup hot dog chicken leg wing burger.


Tastes severly obese.

I invent cancer.


Tastes like a bad disease that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

I invent a walrus.


Arf! Arf!
I invent TC.


Tastes like IAP

I invent a dog.


I invent another dog.


Tastes like Kentucky Fry Doggo
I invent 1.8 update


I invent…something.


Tastes like nothing.

I invent rat poison



I invent trade portal discovery.


Tastes like work.
I invent the new world