Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


So big!

I invent the fact that I agree.


it tastes like pie. OH NO I FORGOT ITS MATHS PI NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :dead:
(Forgot to say I’m allergic to maths pi LEL)
I invent silly quotes from before


Tastes like quoting.
I invent Rabat


Tastes like Rabbit but not.

I invent :us: AMERICA


Tastes like freedom.

I invent freedom


Tastes like :puerto_rico: PUERTO RICO

I invent watermelon.


Whats in this stuff? Its good juicy essence…

I invent ferret shaped rabb- animal meat dipped in chocolate and strawberry juice.


Tastes OK but I don’t think @Brer-Rabbit would agree :lol:

I invent cake wired to 5 flywheels :smiling_imp:


Also yeah, I wouldn’t agree. I’m no cannibal!

I invent a yak.


Yakking yakkity Yak.

I invent new rules


tastes like chicken (sorry i just had chicken)

I invent ice cream that tastes like this --> :poop:


Ew i thought it was chocolate

I invent a plate thats always making salad with peanut butter


Tastes like… still salad

I invent fish with chili and pepper


Tastes like food.

I invent typos.


tastse liek grammre ploice aer mda

I invent a huge mistake (maths)


.. Maths is not a mistake. Tastes like 3_x + 45 y.

I invent the Fruit of Life


tastes like too many circles

(i actually had to look what it was)

I invent lotsa spaghetti


I invent super pie (if this post is aloud)


I invent something that glows.


Tastes like Wesley.