Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


I invent food that is made of turkey with clay surrounding its skin


Tastes like a fluffy feline.

I invent yourself.


No air
** Chokes **
I invent rainbow spray cheese


Tastes like sweet, sour, spicy and bitter cheese spray (rainbow food is a fix of flavours)

I invent a blockhead…


Tastes disgusting as it has not been cooked.

I invent cooked (but not burnt) marshmellows.


It tastes legendary (also ironic since I just had some)

I invent a pizza planet (planet made out of pizza)


Tastes like extreme obisity.

I invent a choclate cake.


It tastes like chocolate
I invent a sushi Burj Khalifa


Tastes like sushi, which I hate.

I invent Radioactive Brownies


Good, i had to sing about it.

I invent potato sprinkles



I invent an iPad.


Tastes like health problems

I invent putting my sock on my dog. (I actually did it)


Do I have to eat it ;-; (ironic, cuz my sister does this too XD)

I invent spam


Taste like scamers

I invent water as a gas



I invent Vimeo


Tastes like not YouTube.

I invent DailyMotion.


Tastes like… not Flickr.

I invent Chichen Itza


I was legit gonna say this anyway but
I invent Potion Of Healing Lingering,


Tastes like the Minecraft 1.12 update.

I invent the new, Minecraft 1.13 Aquatic update. (Its still in its snapshot phases tho)


Tastes like Bedrock 1.4 and 1.5.
I invent NO U.