Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Tastes like… nobody.

I invent a blackhole (insert spaghettification here)


Tastes like nothing.

I invent an ice torch.



I invent anyone reading this.


Tastes like readers.

i invent paint.


Tastes like paint.

I invent, U


Tastes like a letter.

I invent W.


Anyway, tastes like yw without the y
I invent sorrow.


Eating this makes me sad.

I invent :smiling_imp:


Tastes like SM.
I invent @UnicornsRReal35


tastes like a new person.

I invent anything that can be invented


Tastes like Ideas
I invent annoying @UnicornsRReal35 by @‘ing her too much.


tastes like annoyance.

I invent @Ineedpie


Tastes like already invented
I invent @INeedPie @INeedPie @INeedPie
Aka spam :d


tastes like a permenent ban

I invent a pizza with cheese, rotten spat on meat chunks and dead flies.


I die

I invent edible trees


Om nom nom
edible trees become a fad. They die out after twelve days.
I invent |


tastes very flat

I invent pi (as in the maths pi)


Wish it was pie.

I invent big text


So big!

I invent the fact that I agree.


it tastes like pie. OH NO I FORGOT ITS MATHS PI NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :dead:
(Forgot to say I’m allergic to maths pi LEL)
I invent silly quotes from before