Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Tastes horrible.

I invent diamond sawblades.


tastes like richness I invent flying potatoes


Tastes like potatoes.

I invent Dragon meat.


tastes spicy

i invent taste buds



I invent The Destroyer (Only those who play Terraria will know that The Twins The Destroyer is the hardmode version of The Eye of Cthulhu The Eater of Worlds)


Tastes like a giant robo worm snake thing.

I invent Plantera.


Tastes like poisonous hardmode boss.

I invent the Lunatic Cultist.


Tastes like “The fanatical leader of the Dungeon coven…”

I invent the Meowmere


Tastes like the moon lord

I invent sadness


;-; why not something terraria based :cry:

I invent the Broken Wooden Hammer (does 1 damage XD)


Tastes useless, even worse than a Broken Copper Shortsword.

I invent the Night’s Edge.


tastes like me only making it for a terra blade… speaking of which… (plz correct me if i got that wrong lol)
I invent definitely not hacked 6732651 Legendary Terra blades


Tastes like selling them for tons of platinum.

I invent the Daybreak Spear.


I still play PS3 :frowning_face:

I invent :poop:


Tastes foul :frowning:
I invent :full_moon_with_face:


Tastes like emoji overuse

I invent hydric acid


tastes scientific

i invent the infinity stones


I invent a vibrainium shield


Tastes like… power!

I invent thanos


Tastes like an evil entity taking over the world.

I invent the Devil.