Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Tastes like hell
I invent furries (warning, highly toxic: eat at your own risk)


Tastes like Moshi Monsters.

I invent ham, pineapple and olive pizza.


Tastes like past expiration milk

I invent this image


Tastes like a free iPhone 7.
I invent a shopping cart.


Tastes like cancer (fr0tn1t reference)

I invent garbage


tastes like whatever a fr0tn1t is

I invent pie



I INVENT… nothing


Tastes like oblivion.

I invent the Hacker.


Tastes like a friendly man

I invent someone who plays BH


Tastes like… Names???

I invent enchanted white fudge
( I’ll tell you later… )


Tastes magical

I invent cancer


I can’t tell if it tastes like fortnite gestures, roblox or a terrible disease I wouldn’t
wish on anyone

I invent irony stew


Can’t tell if it’s supposed to taste like “Such Irony!” or a soup that has iron bits in it…

I invent edible Stardust Wings (From Terraria)


Tastes like pixels

I invent this


tates like another one gone and another one gone

I invent more white fudge


Tastes creamy

I invent a meme


Tastes like Luigi’s Deathstare.

I invent Arnold saying “Shut Up!”.


Tastes rude

I invent this thread


Tastes like an internet forum.

I invent myself.


Tastes dusty

I invent dead