Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Tastes like fish.

I invent the Lava Piranha from Paper Mario (a very hard boss).


Tastes like some hot stuff :tongue:
I invent Shenpai from BlueChair
If you do not know who he is your dead to me
just kidding


Tastes like blood and flesh… Eats it
I invent me riding a kfc flavored cake! >:3


Tastes like… “Real meal for 5 bucks. Real meal for 5 bucks. Real meal for 5 bucks. Real meal for 5 bucks. Real meal for 5 bucks. Finger licking. Finger licking. Finger licking. Finger licking. Gooooooooood.” But cake version

I invent Annie. The 10 year old pyromaniac.


Tastes like cannibalism :raspberry:
I invent Edible Anime Characters


tastes like. well idk cuz I don’t really know what anime is.

I invent Teemo! :smiley:


Tastes like a flavor (I dont really know what that is either DX)
I invent Nekoes for human consumption.


Tastes like a typo. Did you mean nekos? Then it tastes like kawaii cat people.
I invent a kawaii kiwi.


Tastes like clip art.

I invent Anivia. The Cyrophoenix (ice phoenix).


Tastes like scat

I invent Pennywise


Tastes like not Shakespeare.
I invent Youtube Poop.


I invent edible iPhones.


Tastes like an apple
I invent mood rings


I eat it and my mood changed to bored.
I invent pillows


Tastes light

I invent Dippy Fresh


Tates like a dream

I invent a rainbow colored candy that tastes like ice cubes


Tastes frozen and rainbow-y.
I invent Yu-Gi-Oh!


Tastes like a card game. Bleh.
I invent stuffs


Tastes like things.

I invent Baldi and his friends.


The taste puts a familliar quote in my head “wow you exist!”

I invent invisible pop tarts