Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


mmm, tastes like… l i k e…


Oh boy tastes like

I invent an unfunny meme.
Like a bozz :rofl::joy:


Tastes bosslike.

I invent a Fire Flower.


Tastes like fire mario (yea I get the reference XD)
I invent life


Those were some delicious souls
I invent a chunk of rotting meat


Tastes like The Blockheads.
I invent earth


Tastes very earth-y.

I invent sopor slime grape edition.


Ew slime.
I invent a plate of magical scrambled eggs.



I invent PEGI 7 rating.


Tastes like a number.

I invent the forums


Mom, forums with essence of blockheads and dodo meat.

I invent a food 3D printer!!!


crunch Tastes like plastic😐
I invent a cat salad! Product does not contain any veggies… just dead cat


Tastes bloody.

I invent MajicJungle.


Tastes like Dave :stuck_out_tongue:
I invented hooman stew Caution: contains raw human flesh
whispers I’m not demented…


Tastes delicious!

I invent a toxic community


TAstes like dating and swearing,
I invent Angels


Tastes heavenly :wink:
I invent dog tacos contains 100% dog meat


Tastes like a disgusting human

I invent thot


Ewwwww it tastes fake like plastic :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

I invent edible meal worms for human consumption.


Tastes like worms that aren’t gummy. I’d rather have gummy worms.
I invent cheeeeeese.