Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Tastes like MLG and Snoop Dogg.

I invent Supermarioglitchy4’s Mario (not the even smarter Nintendo version of Mario).


Ew… It tastes like it’s been in the sewers for too long…
I invent a chocolate river


:dead: (from diabetes)

I invent the first thing ever invented in this thread


Tastes delicious! Wonder what happened to all the normal foods…
I invent Unicorn Blood.


i was kinda hoping for you to reply with this…

as for the food: o no i am now cursed.

I invent the Heavy Slap Stick, Thorns Potion, Solar armor and Pumpkin PIE


Tastes like super tanking in Terraria.

I invent Fur Elise.


this reminds me of something…

I invent bacon hair


Tastes like grease. I think someone forgot to take a shower.
I invent what’s it from somewhere.


Don’t know what that is so I’m just gonna say it tastes like fairy bread.

I invent a snag… but the bread is meat and the snag is bread :smiling_imp:


throws in trash… Disgusting

I invent a roller coaster that is wooden and you have to eat it while being strapped to it upside down as its going down a giant 7,000,000 foot hill and makes 10,000 barrel rolls. and you hit your head about 10,000,000 To the power of 17CEN times.


Death, literally.

I invent the intensified war between 4th (currently sixth grade) and 5-A (my classroom 2 years ago, currently 1-B intermediate) Grades that happened in May 2017 (Second Semester where I finished the 4th moment as a completely excellent student, same with 2nd moment in First Semester) where 2 (and along with the dark guy 3) nervous people call me evil (actually THEY ARE evil lying people of sorts from a class with horrible amounts of lunatic people who bully you without any kidding) and punching me with strength and doing naughtiness at me and my real life friends


Tastes like harassment. It’s familiar to me.
I invent feelings.


Tastes like its inside out

I invent v1 rockets


Uh… this ones hard…tastes like VWOOSH!!
I invent vegan beef.


Hmmm, tastes li… dies

I invent bleach


Welp. I guess I have a story to tell in the afterlife…
I invent spoiled milk. It robbed a bank.



I invent pizza that has little sprinkles of poop, lice, toe nail clippings, spoiled everything and little drops of lead :slight_smile:


Proceeds to throw up all things evil
I invent unicorn ice cream. Something Actually Normal



I invent nothing


No taste.

I invent “Mama Luigi”.