Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Tastes like dairy
I invent


Tastes insanely loud.

I invent “Mah Boi” meme from the CD-i Zelda.


Tastes like The Legend of Zelda: BotW
I invent the Nintendo 2DS


How dare you XD
Tastes like (null)
I invent angel wings


Taste like @LilAngel119’s hands

I invent a ⌫ Backspace


Tastes like a computer

I invent this picture


Tastes like a cursed meme.

I invent Shoop da Whoop.



I invent a giant 45,000 feet sandwich with every known element and item on it. And some poop here and there >:]


Tastes like [CENSOR]
I invent edible Carbon Dioxide


Tastes unusual

I invent Behind The Meme


(I think that comic is on Webtoon…?)
Tastes like moving pictures.
I invent edible rotten flesh :zombie:‍♂️


Tastes undead
I invent these forums


Tastes like tons of articles.

I invent Ylands.


Tastes like a sandbox

I invent supercalifraglilisticexpialadocious (I think I spelled it right)


Tastes like a spoon full of sugar :wink:
I invent flying fish :fish:


Tastes like fish.

I invent the Lava Piranha from Paper Mario (a very hard boss).


Tastes like some hot stuff :tongue:
I invent Shenpai from BlueChair
If you do not know who he is your dead to me
just kidding


Tastes like blood and flesh… Eats it
I invent me riding a kfc flavored cake! >:3


Tastes like… “Real meal for 5 bucks. Real meal for 5 bucks. Real meal for 5 bucks. Real meal for 5 bucks. Real meal for 5 bucks. Finger licking. Finger licking. Finger licking. Finger licking. Gooooooooood.” But cake version

I invent Annie. The 10 year old pyromaniac.


Tastes like cannibalism :raspberry:
I invent Edible Anime Characters