Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


“wow they exist!”
sorry couldn’t help it

I invent sos (the youtube poop kind)


Tastes like pure crap.

I invent frostburn hides.


Erm… Tastes kool. Aha {“~.~}
I invent rainbows!!! (/OwO)/:sparkles::rainbow:


Magical! ◕ ‿ ◕

I invent ಠ_ಠ


Tastes like kaomoji.

I invent Japanese mobile phones from the 2000’s and 90’s.


Tastes like a KAWAII electronic (/OwO)/
I invent a nife owho (“=W=)_🗡


Taste odd, needs a little bit of k.

I invent uranium


Tastes like radiation.

I invent Cloud Strife.


Eh… The taste is cloudy

I invent car flavored sunflower seeds.


tastes like car parts, my favorite :lol:

I invent 360 no scopes :cool: :cool:


Tastes like MLG and Snoop Dogg.

I invent Supermarioglitchy4’s Mario (not the even smarter Nintendo version of Mario).


Ew… It tastes like it’s been in the sewers for too long…
I invent a chocolate river


:dead: (from diabetes)

I invent the first thing ever invented in this thread


Tastes delicious! Wonder what happened to all the normal foods…
I invent Unicorn Blood.


i was kinda hoping for you to reply with this…

as for the food: o no i am now cursed.

I invent the Heavy Slap Stick, Thorns Potion, Solar armor and Pumpkin PIE


Tastes like super tanking in Terraria.

I invent Fur Elise.


this reminds me of something…

I invent bacon hair


Tastes like grease. I think someone forgot to take a shower.
I invent what’s it from somewhere.


Don’t know what that is so I’m just gonna say it tastes like fairy bread.

I invent a snag… but the bread is meat and the snag is bread :smiling_imp:


throws in trash… Disgusting

I invent a roller coaster that is wooden and you have to eat it while being strapped to it upside down as its going down a giant 7,000,000 foot hill and makes 10,000 barrel rolls. and you hit your head about 10,000,000 To the power of 17CEN times.