Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


I die. It was Spicy, then sweet, then. Tasted like nothing… Delicious!!

I invent a grass flavoured cake with microwaved onions and grilled rotten fish.


There is NO way I am eating that. Because now it just went in my mouth.


I invent something as useless as the character Luigi :slight_smile:


I’m not eating the best Mario character.

I invent a rock but it’s in a toaster.


(smashes toaster) a rock?! It’s bedrock. I can’t eat dis. (eats anyway)

I’m in hospital. It tasted like clay. But I invent a acid and Chlorine mock tail. (With artificial sour lemon flavouring, of course!) Enjoy! (walks away cackling.)


Yummy, tastes good :slight_smile:

I invent something switchy.


I play on PC, not Nintendo Switch crap.

I invent asbestos (a fireproof fibre mineral).


Tastes strange. Well now my mouth is fireproof I guess.
I invent this forum game.


Oh. O-ok.

I invent the all new, For—nvm. I invent… PEPE!


“Feels bad man”.

I invent the MS-DOS Doom.


I explode?

Anyway. I invent a ham sandwich that tastes like rotten eggs. With microwave buttons, served with the finest rotten milk and salty cookies.


Im dead.

I invent glass, except, it is broken glass.


I am bleeding AHHH!

I invent a gigantic axe.


Yummy, my favorite!

I just invented Godzilla, a giant 200x500 foot glass wall formally named after the mythical creature himself, and you have to chomp it no matter the cause.

In my opinion it’s :yum: finger licking good!


Im dead.

I invent loosing a game of Town Of Salem in a very annoying way…


(FLIPS TABLE) (EATS BOARD GAME) I hate loosing games. But this tastes like cheese.

I invent hot chocolate, but instead of chocolate, it’s Carolina reaper paste.


IDC if it is hot chocolate or Carolina Reaper but I am going to eat- death by the heat of California Reaper.

I invent Habanero, Bird’s Eye, Pepper X and Carolina Reaper salad.


Im ded

I invent the mobile version of Town Of Salem, this time, instead of the card game version.


Tastes like NOT WORLD OF WARCRAFT (except that it is a mobile version).

I invent petroleum.


(i put some in my car, then drink the rest) I die.

I invent a meme.


Tastes like Bowsette.

I invent a Fork Knife.