Invent a food, the person below has to eat it


Tastes like poop…

I invent a fake smash ball



I invent Ryzen Threadripper.


Yum, poop taste.

I invent angry food that punches you whenever you try to eat it :slight_smile:
Good luck trying to eat it. :smiley:


I tranquilize it and eat it

Tastes like food

i invent small text that tastes like what ever your imagination wants it to be


Tastes like… uhh… Legoboy :stuck_out_tongue:
(Tbh I just saw his username and I was like oh imma write this lol, Tbh Idk how a legoboy should taste)

I invent… Pink lasagna :stuck_out_tongue:


It tastes raw.

I invent Gordon Ramsey’s best dish, without the plate, not to mention it was dropped on the floor and rolled around on it.


i shant eat food on ze floor

I invent exploding jelly beans that burst into flavor (more specifically spice)


Oh. Im dead now.

I invent the letter “e” under a microscope.


Tastes like ₑ

I invent YouTube rewind 42069


Eats… throws out

I invent something actually good, :poop: brown ice cream! :slight_smile:


Tastes like artificial chocolate
I invent vaccines


Very pointy.

I invent filler text
(wait this seems familiar)