Inventories covered up with black bar on some phones + aspect ratio problems

As we can see here on the Pixel 2 where the inventory is supposed to be is covered with the navigation bar, while the Mate 20 Pro is having issues because of its non-16:9 aspect ratio (I think?)

@noodlecake_ben @NoodlecakeDerek I hope this problem can be fixed soon!

I’ve just sent an email to them.

Okay, good.


Hi JarlPenguin,
We are aware of the issue and are hard at work on a fix!
Thanks for letting us know, we do really appreciate all feedback at this time.
We have found that for some players, there is a bit of a workaround for this issue: When you open the game, instead of rotating your device counter-clockwise (99% of players do this), rotate it clockwise to horizontal view. This has been found to sometimes make that pesky black bar disappear.
In any case, keep an eye out on the store, we’ll release a patch for this issue as soon as we’ve got it solved.
Thanks for your patience, and have a great day!