Inventory Commands (/check-inv name and /give item amount name and /remove item amount name)


This thread is in 3 parts. /check, /give, and /remove. All will be very useful when starting a creative server (no spending tc for trade portal) and when rewarding players for jobs when your far away. Did I mention it would be super useful for the message bot?
/check-inv name (mod, and Admin only)
Very simple. Displays their inventory (not in an image, in text form). Useful for checking if players have items that are not allowed on that server. Moving on…
/give item amount name (Admin only)
Let’s look at 3 key words here.
Any item. For example, /give wood amount name. TC items don’t work (the only tc items you can give are portals and trade portals)
For trade portals and portals, an example is: (emerald portal and diamond trade portal) /give portal_emerald amount name, /give trade_portal_diamond.
Pretty self explanatory. Minimum amount 1, maximum amount 99.
Again, pretty self explanatory. Must be exact username.
Instead of Spaces, use _
The items given do not disappear from your inventory, they just magically appear. It’s magic! Oops, I mean majic.
Error - player inv full
Message - Sorry, the players inventory is full. Try asking them to place an item in a chest or remove an item first.
Error - wrong item (example: /give trade_potal_enerald amount name)
Message - Sorry, the server does not recognize that item. Please double check spelling.
/remove item amount name (admin only)
Pretty self explanatory. The opposite of give. Items, gone forever.
Error - item doesn’t exist
Message - The specified item does not exist
Error - Player has item but no the right amount. (Example, you try to remove 5 but they only have 3)
Message - Player does not have enough of the specified item
Error - Player doesn’t have item
Message - Player does not have specified item
Thanks for reading, and remember if you support this idea, don’t reply, use the like button unless it is a suggestion.


Just the visible inventory

That could be possible to avoid abuse


I could seriously use this. It’s so annoying when someone has items that aren’t allowed on the server.


Will the recipient get notice of what was given to them, and by whom?


Yes they will. I will add that to the OP


I think this is a very creative suggestion. However, personally, I think this is too over powering. Being able to take and give items directly into players’ inventories seems like a gateway to a whole mountain of problems.

One rogue admin… and that’s that.


How about this, make it require the owners approval before sending out the items. or just make it owner only.


I think it’s against privacy :grimacing:


In terms of removing and giving items, that is true.

I think that checking other people’s inventories is an ability even mods should be able to use. It’s a more functional version of the /RESET-OWNER command on Mac server

Also, I think that when your inventory gets looked at, you’d get a message from “SERVER” warning you that a staff member is peeking at your inventory.


I totally get how this would be useful to the owner and admins on certain servers. I mean, I have one of those servers where it would be EXTREMELY helpful to know if people had things in their inventories that are prohibited.
… still… somehow, I feel very uncomfortable supporting this ability. There is something that doesn’t quite feel right (to me) about people being able to randomly look at your personal inventory. It would feel a bit invasive and promote an environment of not trusting others. I mean, I don’t cheat and I don’t have anything in my inventories that are questionable. But even so, I wouldn’t like the feeling of knowing that a random person could double check how I play the game without cause. Bottom line is that it certainly wouldn’t feel good to have someone question your integrity without cause. It would probably turn me off to paying blockheads in general.


I can see a lot of use and potential in a lot of this, but I agree with thuthu. It’s like when your parents always wanna know what you’re doing and things like that.

Instead of removing the items and going through it, wouldn’t it be better to give a ban or warning, since that item is most likely not allowed?


So, on the inventory checking, would it simply check the visible inventory, or would it include the contents of, say, the six chests I’m carrying?


What if instead of seeing into a player’s inventory, you could just scan for an item?

So for example, an admin could run a command that would check if a player has say, a trade portal, and then return a simple yes or no answer depending on if the game detects that item?

This way the only information you can get it whether or not a player has a certain item or not and not really much else.


Well, this suggestion is 2 fold.

  1. Admins/Owners/Mods check inventories. and
  2. Admins give/remove items from inventories.

When it comes to the first, I think it’s invasive. I get why it’s helpful, but personally (and it’s just my opinion), what you lose (in general attitude between players) outweighs what you gain.

When it comes to the second, I think it’s just way too over-powering. This would be especially concerning if you are on a server where there are a lot of admins. Having that much power to give and take from players is far more than I think players should have.


Just the inventory.


There’s going to be a really big caveat to this, and it’s the same one that exists for reset-owner; you simply CANNOT see what another player has in their portal chest. That’s because the contents of a player’s portal chest are stored on their device- not in the cloud. Even if it were technically feasible, for Dave to allow a command that let one person access another’s device would probably be illegal. Certainly, a breech of trust for a game.

So if a person can hide anything they don’t want you to see, how worth the personal invasion is it to see what they’re not afraid to let you see?

It COULD be adopted as an option on custom worlds, since those don’t allow portal chests. But I think that if adopted, it should be impossible on vanilla worlds.

@TheRabbitKing: ok, then the above shouldn’t be an issue. But again, how useful is it to see only what isn’t nested deeper in the inventory?


If Dave wants, it could be everything nested into the inventory. He’s the developer.


I will agree that this suggestion would pretty much have to be owner only based on previous examples of people being a bit loose when it comes to giving out the admin role.

However, I would like you to clarify your opinion on the idea I proposed to limit the invasiveness of the command to check others inventory. (My idea that the command should scan a player’s inventory for an item rather than showing the owner/admin the player’s inventory.


I think it should be owner+ now, because there are ‘badmins’ (bad admins) but @Thuthu that’s why people have to be careful who they admin and mod


@TheRabbitKing, yes you are right. That has always been the bottom line answer to these things. People need to be more careful about who they admin. However, we have found that no matter how many instances are reported where unsuspecting, but generous, owners have trusted people and given them staff positions without vetting them as well as they should, we still consistently hear about owners making players admins, being shocked that they go rogue, and all the damage they do in a short period of time.

This would be more detrimental, because it would not be simply a matter of the owner getting help from Milla or the owner swiping the admin list and starting over… this would DIRECTLY impact players and what they might have been working hard to obtain in the game. But I see that you now suggest it only be an owner’s option, which 1. I still think is OP and 2. I don’t see how effective having one person constantly scan players’ inventories would be. My opinion is that you gain very little for how much it would cost.

@Cpt-Koolzman Your idea of course is less invasive, but, for me, I think any level of allowing a player to have the authority to scan another player’s inventory is not necessary and would negatively change the climate of the game. Suddenly, playing BHs would feel like walking through a TSA line at the airport.

I don’t particularly like the idea, but that doesn’t mean that others don’t. I still like to hang on to the hope that we can play this game with one another in an honest, clean and upfront way. And that we don’t need this type of policing.


Thu has a point. As a Mac owner, I can tell you that there are players who will not play on Mac servers because of the power that reset-owner gives owners and admins.

There is a definite trust issue, and it goes both ways. I, as an owner, have to know you pretty well and trust you to make you an admin and give you that kind of power. In return, there are players who will play on Mac servers, but only if they know and trust both owner and admins.

And yet, there are times when it’s advantageous to use reset-owner. I used it on Blokonomy to make sure players weren’t gaming the system. One player duoing stacks of items or platinum can destroy the entire economy. But I think in Blokonomy’s entire run, we only did it twice. I guess hwat I’m trying to say is it’s a double-edged sword.