Inverse Protection Signs (Permission Signs?)


I could have sworn this had been suggested already, but I couldn’t find a thread for it…

Currently, protection signs are only useful to protect a 31x31 area from all non-admin users and the owner. While this is great, it makes protection signs useless if world modification is set to “admin only”.

Permission signs would let world owners set the world to admin only modification, and then assign plots to players one by one. This would especially be useful in worlds like Kepler - where you need to be assigned a plot to build (near spawn)

Additionally, if no name was placed on the sign, any player would be able to modify blocks within it’s radius.

Everything we know about 1.7!

Yesssss! This would be so useful! It has been suggested indeed, but we can’t repeat it too often😀
May I add that - just like protection signs - it should also be possible to “permit” the area for everybody, not just for a particular player? This would be done by not selecting a name on the sign.


Awesome addition :slight_smile: Added to OP.


I could simply add a new custom rule setting, which will make it so that ownership signs always allow modification by the permitted players regardless of the custom rules settings?

So the options for “world modfiication” could be:

  • enabled
  • admin / ownership signs
  • admin only
  • disabled

Everything we know about 1.7!

Would this just be like having no protection? Anyone can modify the blocks. Trying to get my head around this… Understand what is being suggested.

The area is protected, with no name, so anyone can modify that area… Nope…please explain more. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@Caronhere we are talking about custom worlds that are set to “admin only” can modify the world. So yes, with this inverse protection sign all players can modify within the sign’s radius. This would be useful for mining areas or harvesting areas or simply a place to put down chests. If a name is selected on the reverse protection sign it will allow only that player (and admins?) to modify the world within the radius of the sign. This would obviously be useful for slots to build in.


I was wishing for a choice in the size that the area protection signs cover. Maybe have a smaller option like 15x15 for assigning apartments near spawn to people.


My brain obviously can’t get my head around it cause it sounds like what we have already… never mind explaining again, I shall wait n see when the update comes… it is sure to be good.


I dare trying to explain again😂
You know how a custom world can be set to “world modification - admins only”, right? So the whole world is protected, but only admins can modify it (chop blocks, dig, place chests etc.). It’s like a giant protection sign all over the world.
Normal players can’t do anything but walk or fly around and do some sightseeing. Now we suggest that inverse protection signs can be placed. If Caron’s name is on such a sign, Caron can modify the world inside the sign’s range - for example to build her house. Other players still can’t - except admins of course.


A protection sign protects an area.
In a custom world, you can make the whole world be protected (like the whole world is covered in protection signs).
This sign would just unprotect an area that is protected.


Exactly. On a world like Kepler, the whole world would be protected with no need to cover everything with protection signs. Each player will get a plot assigned to them, allowing them to modify just that section.

I would consider using this on my adventure servers too since I pretty much don’t want them breaking any challenges and we used stacks and stack of signs just to protect the path of the trials.


That would be one of the best use for this sign. Protecting all the challenges without having to count blocks and placed the protection signs without overlapping them.


ohhhhhh… thank you LOL

I’ve never used the world modification as I don’t understand that so much either… but, the explanations of having the whole world protected and allowing players to build in the area they are designated… makes sense.

thanks for your patience @Ronnie @ErickMatrix @jemnidad

Yes @asyc… to not have to place protection signs all over!! bliss!


I personally like this idea much more than adding a new item / reworked protection sign. Much simpler to implement too I bet!


This is a great idea. I am still hoping for the ability to modify area size for protection signs and reverse protection signs however. Not only useful for hotel room allotment but would also be a lifesaver on servers like Birthday Bonanza, allowing regular players to play the games without constant supervision.