Investigating The Magma Circle

This thread is for investigating the magma under the North Pole where strange things happen (AKA, The Magma Circle).

A thread where someone explains that their cave trolls were teleported into The Magma Circle:

I have a few questions that we need an answer for:

  1. How does this happen?
  2. How can we stop it?
  3. How can we keep our things safe from The Magma Circle for now?

I don’t know anything about The Magma Circle, but I do know that CT riding is a seperate bug and isn’t related to this area (from my experience) CTs naturally seem to bug out and dissapear during restarts when riding them wherever people go, not just the Magma Circle.

Why did all of those cave trolls that disappeared go to magma though?

Really? Mine haven’t and I’ve lost poor Jim and Jimmy :frowning:

I’m suspecting that since the north pole is the “seam” of the world, connecting the two ends to make it a “sphere”, maybe the origin (coordinates 0,0) of the world is located there. Perhaps when I was riding my troll and the server crashed, the server was like “Eh I forgot to take down where that troll was before I fainted, lets just send it to the origin!” (Just my wild theory.)

@Celadon I only discovered the magma circle when my blockhead glitched there, when I was sleeping on a golden bed. Maybe you haven’t “explored” the magma circle yet, and the fog blocks it?


The nether of blockheads… :astonished::astonished::astonished:


If beta testers are confused too how this happened, how come troll gone when the server crash and few days or weeks we are going to see the troll is under the magma with light circle shape!? We should Ask or Pm @milla at least we could get a fast response for answer this mysterious Cave troll missing… and she can totally ask Dave to fix this thing what is the main problem why Troll gone and teleporting to under the magma.

This is reporter Ziameter for the Blockheads news, currently police on GIANTS are investigating the disappearance of two trolls. Current suspects include Brother Rabbit, DGPG, and the owner of the trolls, Ray.


Lol the 2 trolls are different from those trapped in the magma, those were slain by a script kiddie. He somehow bypassed my iron doors and I saw him whacking away at my poor trolls after annoucing “why are there only trolls on this server”. By the time I banned him it was too late. All there was left was a pair of used green pants.