Invisible Unicorn

I put a tamed rainbow unicorn on display in a server, then I log into a alt account. But then the unicorn was invisble, no name tag, no trail. I log into my main account, and I could see the rainbow unicorn once again! The weird thing is, I can see other peoples’ unicorns on the server, but not mine! Is this a feature meant to protect unicorns from raiders?

Whenever you log out of the server, your pets will disappear until you log back in.

If the unicorn is tamed, just like any other tamed animal, it only appears when it’s owner is on the server.

Oh, thx

Maybe instead of having a tamed one on display, you can put one there that’s not tamed, and put a sign above it that says the name. So hopefully that can solve the problem for you.

My unicorn had a child, so I’ll make sure I don’t tame it. Thx!

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