iOS 14 some basic Blockheads bugs to be ware of

Hello dear people!

I’m a beta user on iOS 14 and with the new coding required for some areas of apps most apps will have small issues until fixed.

Few issues I’ve noticed

•chat is weirdly bigger
•Chat moves off screen and you have to tap to close it and reopen it
•Game will randomly crash for 0 reason at all.

So far this is all I’ve noticed, if I find anymore I will be sure to update this post.

Note: keep in mind I’ve made sure these bugs have happened at least 4 times before adding them to this list. If your an iOS 14 user please let me know any bugs so I can add them to the list!

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The beta versions are expected to have quite a few bugs. Update to the public version of iOS 14 before looking for bugs in the game. In most cases, the public version is significantly less buggy and more stable. :slight_smile:

No I mean like all app developers were told to change some code for the new update. I’m on the newest beta the one before releases there hours release it. I just got a ping about 30 min ago on my jailbreaking discord server I’m in.

You’re on the GM?

Gm? What’s that?

Dave is aware. Apple contacted developers about this.