iOS 15/iPadOS 15 + WatchOS 8

iOS 15 has recently be released, and while the list of changes is on the smaller end, it has done some pretty neat stuff.

I frankly haven’t really bothered with any of the notification stuff yet, but I can say I think the redesign is refreshing visually. Especially on the WatchOS side of things.

The new weather and maps designs are pretty cool, with maps adopting a globe among other 3D features.

Safari is all kinds of weird now, with the search-bar moving to the bottom of the screen for easier access. I find I like the new tab menu better than the old one, still unsure on the search-bar though.

Live text on photos/camera is pretty wild, it’s cool to be able to copy/paste text off a sign or something in a photo.

There’s probably other changes, but so far they don’t seem to change my everyday experience so IDK.

(Also introducing the new Apple Watch Series 7, it’s screen is a tiny bit bigger than Series 6 and that’s literally it! As Mr. Cook would say: Wow!”)

I use a 6s so I get like none of the new features but it’s so much more optimized than iOS 14 was

What about tvOS 15? :wink:

If you don’t like the new Safari URL bar, you can move it back to the top, first option in the “Aa” menu :slight_smile:

I don’t know why anybody would dislike it. It’s far more reachable now. :slight_smile:

The search-bar has been up top for the entire history of internet browsers, it’s only natural that everyone is used to it being up there…

And it’s not like it’s super hard to reach up and hit the search bar on the regular sized phones… But I imagine people using the Max models enjoy the change much more the rest.

What do you mean? On a mobile device, it makes zero ergonomic sense.

I mean that for the entire existence of internet browsers, the search bar has been on the top, so it only makes sense that people would find it weird not have it up there.

Personally for me, and I’d imagine many others, the effort required to reach the top of the screen on a standard iPhone 11 or 12 is insignificant, so the change doesn’t do anything other make my brain angry.

If you use a larger Max model iPhone it’s probably a more noticeable change, and therefore those users will be quicker to adopt the change.

The version of Microsoft Edge made for Windows 10 Mobile always had the address bar at the bottom of the display.

The same goes for the version of Internet Explorer that was made for Windows Phone.

Nice, never knew that. But it doesn’t really hangs much in the grand scheme of things, people who are familiar with that version of the Edge browser (Even more so with the IE browser) are in the extreme minority.

What about the mobile version of Mozilla Firefox? :question:

Case in point…

The preview imagines for Firefox on the App Store literally show the search bar on the top.

You can dig up as many examples as you want, the point remains that for the majority, they’ve only ever browsed the internet with the search bar on the top of the screen.

Yeah, that’s because they’re old. The latest version has it at the bottom.

There is no statistical proof of that.

I don’t need statistical proof. All desktop browsers have the search bar up top, up until recently all the major mobile browsers (pre-iOS 15 Safari, Chrome mobile, the default Android browser) have had the search bar up top. It is very easy to infer that most people have always browsed with a search bar up top, and we can easily prove it to be an accurate statement without exact stats.

Stop being difficult for the sake of being difficult please.

I’m using it on the bottom, but the cancel button needs to be moved down too lol

Desktop web browsers have the address bar at the top because there’s no need to worry about reachability. The same cannot be said for mobile web browsers.

Over the position of a silly address bar? Really?

This is on you, not me. :man_shrugging:

Don’t try to flip this on me.

You’re the one acting like it isn’t common fact that search-bar on top internet browsers have been the standard across all devices for the entire existence of internet browsers. A few small examples of browsers that did it differently doesn’t change the norm.

People used the the search-bar on top period, desktop or mobile. Moving it down is certainly a reachability enhancement, but most people have built up muscle memory for search bar up top.

It’s always been like that on desktop operating systems.

Here is the latest version of Mozilla Firefox for Android.

You are entirely missing my point.

You can talk all you want about the latest version of Firefox mobile or your Edge mobile example, the fact remains that the majority of people have not used those browsers.

Where are you coming up with such a “fact” exactly? :question: