iOS vs. Android?

Hi, I was planning on getting Blockheads on my Samsung Tablet, but that plan got Thanos snapped away due to the white screen bug, so the only Android version I have is on my Chromebook. Although I want a version that can be played on mobile, so I was asking you guys, which version is better? Should I get the iOS version, or continue to play this game on my Chromebook?

If you already have offline worlds on your Chromebook it’s impossible to transfer them to another iOS device, but if you don’t mind that then the iOS version will provide a superior experience.

Eh, I don’t mind if I lose my offline worlds, but yeah, I will think about getting the iOS version. Thanks for the advice!

Yeah, the iOS version is largely flawless.

It’s possible with iMazing or iBackupBot, but it’s difficult.

You can also transfer worlds from Chromebook to Mac fairly easily AFAIK.

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The iOS version has always been better than the android version… it’s always been less buggy and more supported

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Lag says hi

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That is not an iOS issue. It’s likely an issue with your hardware or your network connection.

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Nope… IPhone 11/ 150Mbps:

@WumboJumbo multiplayer… is very laggy.
Lights, chandeliers, steam generators, flywheels, houses, water, breathing.

Everything adds a little bit of lag.

It’s a blockheads issue. The iOS version of the game is not “largely flawless” since lag ruins gameplay on many servers.

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Wouldn’t server lag be caused by the server performance and not the operating system of the clients?

Why would that only be an issue with the iOS version though? I do not understand why lag would have anything to do with the operating system. Lag-ridden servers are a caveat of the game, not the operating system it happens to be played on. Regardless of your hardware or network connection, latency should be expected in any multiplayer game that is being played on any operating system.

Weirdly enough, my very old android tablet that i used to have bh on worked welk without too much lag.