Ip bans aren't cool! [FIXED]

Im really good in a server but someone has the same IP address as me and got banned so now I can’t join the world either! Please help me! I have all my special things in that server!
This has been fixed!

I never thought about that, the bans are connected to IP addresses after all… this thread is probably gonna get taken down without your knowing btw so don’t be surprised if it is :nerd_face:

  1. I don’t think having the same IP is possible.

It is.


How’s that work??

Is the person with the same IP in the same building as you??

I’d think so for that to happen: maybe a sibling, or neighbor, or lucky chance someone in your hotel also plays TBH? Ask the server owner if they could sort out the misunderstanding, hopefully they’ll understand!

Chances are, the one banned on purpose forgot the server
At least, that’s what I do on most servers where I’m banned for unknown reasons
I’ll summon @TheTulipWolf, I’m sure a solution will be found

Better to be resolved in a PM, maybe.

Of course it is. Anyone using a VPN connects with one of the services IPs. So, for example, I dont allow VPNs on my servers. As I find someone using a VPN, I add that enitre block (xxx.xxx.xxx.0 to xxx.xxx.xxx.255) to the blocked IP tables.

Now, if someone else tries to connect using any IP in that same block, guess what?


But the most common reason is a sibling or a friend using your wifi is the culprit.


If someone has the same IP address as you they are either a sibling or cousin or someone that is using your internet. I get fooled many times by alt accounts. I am smarter now. Make sure their personality is familiar or by the way they think. Try asking them certain questions. :wink:

What about your mother or wife? Friend or child of yours? Pet rabbit? Dad? Aunt? Lol.

This is true, people with the same WiFi share IPs.


I’m pretty sure most blockhead users don’t have a wife or husband or even children. Why would an aunt even join a blockhead server and destroy? Well my aunt is younger than me so I guess…?


cough Skeeve cough excuse me cough Skeeve’s daughter played on SGE cough
cough Joe cough
I must be sick, but you’re right.

As for siblings though, some siblings are better than others. On my bad servers from when I was a cloud noob, I had cases in which 1 of 2 siblings was a bad person, in which only they were banned.
Usually the other one gets banned as siblings take others devices

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People of all ages play Blockheads. I started playing with one of my sons. On the Basileaus treasure hunt videos one of my sons is playing the castle invaders. I trust that they would never do anything to get my ip banned. An ip ban is one of the only defenses server owners have against a banned person trying to join on another device. If you do have a sibling that got an ip ban it was probably for a serious offense. You can always try to pm the world owner to let them know that you share WiFi.


Most home connections are not on a static IP. Your line gets an IP assigned to it by your ISP every time it reconnects, and it could be one of the many IPs in the netblock owned by that ISP. If you lose your latest IP due to loss of power to your router, for example, that IP may be allocated to someone else’s line next, and you may get a new one. If someone else using your new IP gets IP banned before it’s allocated to you then you will be banned as soon as you connect with it.

If you’re connecting via your school, or any other network that uses NAT, then all it may take is another pupil at your school being IP banned to ban everyone behind that translated IP too.

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There’s probably ways for people in police matter to have the same exact IP address as someone else, likely an FBI thing. I don’t see any other way to have the exact IP address unless the device is under the same network as the original.

As has been pointed out several times people using the same VPN or the same wifi - even at school, at work or at Starbucks - have the same IP.