Ip viewing



Why are people able to get someone’s ip with /players? i know its for ip banning, but i have a friend who is getting DDOS’d currently because of it. i think this is a big safety issue


Its not their private ip. Its their public ip


Someone looked up my ip and told everyone what state I live in on a server with 8 people on it once.


They can’t find your EXACT location though.


Usually ppl can not find your exact adress from an IP adress. There are execptions though.
But do not under-estimate the persistency of ppl who might want to target anybody. In a server chat or discord chat or on facebook someone might give away their age or their school or their first name or the name of a sibling or their fav sports or whatever. Combined with knowing the city (via IP adress) and a bit of internet research this can actually lead to being identified.
Just be very careful about what personal data you reveil to strangers on the internet - remember they are strangers, even when you played or chatted with them for months. They might have been lying about their age and gender, and those fotos they sent to you might be fake.


How do you can DDOS’d from a public IP?


Your profile picture gave me a shock…


It shocked me too.


What kind of stuff does your friend have worthy of DDoS? :thinking: I don’t think he’s been honest.

Also adding on to Ronnie, just assume everyone is a half dressed 70 year old man until you meet them in real life.



But why would you want to meet a 70 year old half dressed man?!


thats the point


Strangely enough somebody logged into my server yesterday and asked how to view IP addresses without being admin. That creeper was instantly IP banned. Love this feature.


If you use the internet very much, your IP address is probably widely known. There are many websites and services that use IP addresses for many reasons. Some use them to block people from using their site if necessary, some use them for advertisements, and some use them for other various reasons.

If someone making a website uses PHP, they just need one very short line of code to collect your IP address, and then they can put it into a database. Then they could post the link on social media, and collect the IP address of everyone who clicked on the link.*

It is not very difficult for people to obtain your IP address when you visit websites, and for this reason, I’m not too terribly worried about people on The Blockheads eho can get your IP address. Most of these people don’t even know what to do with your IP address to do any harm anyway, and if they did I think they have more important things to worry about than how difficult it may be to try.

*People and businesses that abide to the law, there are privacy laws that make this process a bit more complicated.


I think many people feel there is a difference between a website owner getting your IP and random users of that website getting your IP.