iPad Pro alarm symbol on blolockheads icon?


Occasionally there is a alarm symbol on my iPad on the blockhead icon Does anybody know what this means?

Additional information: iPad Pro running iOS 12.0.1


It was showing that siri is suggesting you to play the game based on your time lol
It will also place it on your dock if it’s not on the dock I think…
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Which iPad Pro is that?


Okay thanks


It’s a pleasure to help :slight_smile:


You might wanna look at this too: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/8087680


I believe it means there is a timer set on screen time for the app. Better get playing before it runs out.


Is that the only game on your iPad?


but if its a timer you can just turn it off in the apps settings(or just ignore the alert)


I think @bilingual is talking about a screen time timer set by a guardian. I’m not sure how those kinds of timers work, but it’s possible a child couldn’t be able to disable it, only a guardian.


You can control/modify the settings if you have a pin,assuming it’s even protected by a pin
more info here


I’m wondering if the settings are protected by a passcode or Touch ID, and if it’s the new iPad Pro, Face ID.


I guess so(maybe someone should try)


You should try.


Can’t update to iOS 12 because…ipad 2 xD


Oh, I see.


Yes. Find screen time in settings and you should be here.

See if there is a passcode. If there is, you can’t change it without it. If there isn’t, you can change settings by clicking “app limits.”


Does that share across devices switch mean that a parent can set it up on their device to control their children’s devices remotely?


I don’t think so I don’t have any timers on my ipad or use screen time or whatever and I’m the only person who has access to my iPad

iPad Pro 10.5 inch

Nope I have a bunch of other ones blockheads is the only one i play when bored


I don’t know. I haven’t tried it.

@SHINYCRYSTAL maybe you sleepwalk. I’ve done it before. (And I took my phone with me) Maybe you changed some settings. LOL