iPhone 13 Rumors

LTPO display technology has significantly improved over the past few years. I hope to see it in the next generation iPhone!

I had assumed the newer Apple Watches had better batteries to be always on. I’m kinda on the fence about that, to be honest. I like having the watch’s display dark when I want it dark, and it turns on easily by raising my wrist. But it would also be nice to just glance at my wrist to see the time.

Major upgrade? If only we knew more. :thinking:

A 120Hz display would be absolutely stunning on an iPhone.

Ah, yes. Mass production delays are awful.

5G is underwhelming at the moment. Making it better in more countries is much appreciated.

The LiDAR scanner is very unique. It has a lot of potential.

Samsung will likely supply the displays for the next generation iPhone.

The iPhone 13 will likely have a narrower notch.

Lol, but i hear is the iPhone 13 is no charger, only MagSafe right well also it could have a fingerprint scanner on power button or in-screen like Samsung did, or did 120hz display like others did. Idk you can say it right here :slight_smile:


Take a look at this.

seems legit

I don’t understand new iPhone hype… the 12 is announced then bang everyone wants to know what the 13 is gonna change

The world is always changing. People want to know what the next big thing will be.

it does

I’m the same most years. I take zero interest until after the devices are announced though. Rumour is rumour :upside_down_face:


your iphone 14 is gonna have a dozen cameras, nowadays a lot of what iphone upgrades is is getting more cameras :upside_down_face:

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lol indeed.

To recap…

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Gosh iPhone 13 I still have a 6 lol