Iron Door/Trapdoor Permissions


You should be able to set certain people to go through iron doors, so you wouldn’t have to admin people to allow them through. Only the original player of the iron door could set permissions on it. AN example I can think of where this would be useful is in a hotel, where you would want the person who’s room it is and yourself to access a room (to collect rent, etc), and then not allow others into the room at the same time. What do you all think?

Pick your top three suggestions for 2018
Pick your top three suggestions for 2018

so like ownershipping a iron door?

interesting idea


Exactly that. It would make my life much easier when making FT worker rooms in my shop on sugarflop as well.


That’d be so awesome!


So when you tap an iron door/trapdoor a popup similar to an ownership sign would appear?


Yep pretty much


Amazing idea!


Good idea


Keys for doors would be a cool addition too… although they might be stolen, though, so this is probably better.


Stolen keys would be s cool part of the game. It could have some cool CTF uses or something


Very good idea! I hope this comes out in 1.8.