Is a glitch still bad if its with the ad feature?

For some reason the feature for the “20 TC for a ad” is refreshing every minute, so im watching a lot of ads, is this a bad thing even if its ad revenue? and tell me if i should stop doing it if its wrong

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Umm… it doesn’t seem to be bad. From what I see is that you are able to watch ads and acquire TC in return, so it is fair. For as long as you do not use any exploits (including those that we may not know of) to duplicate TC, or obtain TC illegally, I think you should be fine.

im also wanting to know if the ad revenue is high enough for this to be allowed, and not considered hacking in the TC

I don’t know about that, so I cannot answer that part of the question. I would suppose it is “enough” given that we are allowed to earn TC by watching ads.

It’s fine to watch ads for TC and it’s not considered hacking.

Ah, noticing your demeanor, I believe you will know when something is wrong to do without question when it truly is wrong. :slight_smile:

I believe it depends on your region.

it usually takes around 10 minutes between ads but it randomly went to 1

That’s not supposed to happen. Are you on Apple or Android? If Android it may be that Noodlecake are wanting to maintain a revenue stream even though IAPs can no longer been processed via Google.

I’m on iPhone, but im not getting any ad’s today so i think i accidentally stole all the ad’s from future me

Okay. Probably an issue at the ad provider’s end :slight_smile: