Is anyone nice enough to give the Owner Portal a fresh new look?

I’m sure CSS or anything else will do the trick maybe… thanks

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I think it it looks fine.
They should focus on securing the website


What is the owner portal?

The website that cloud server owners can use to manage their servers. They can use the console, view the whitelist/blacklist, admin/mod list and more.


If you ask me, it looks a bit too simple and outdated.

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Cool! Sorry I obviously don’t know much about owning a server, but what is a white and blacklist?

Blacklist is the list of players not allowed (banned)

Whitelist is the players allowed if you only want certain people to be able to play and don’t want to set a password


Highly doubt it will get a new look at this time. the game is eight years old and probably won’t be updated again. Also forgot my password ;-;


Hopefully it will be updated again.

just go in game and click the owner portal in game where the links button is