Is Blockheads.staff a hacker?

This player named blockheads.staff came to my world and said his name was Rico from the blockheads staff. He sent me a link to the new update coming soon and said my server was the server of the year and that a thing called Blockcon would be hosted on my server. I’m not sure if he’s a hacker or not. All he did was talk to me and look through a chest. He said blockcon was a contest where you build things. My server is Amonkhet by Crossbones2017. If you have any information about any of this, please tell me.

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Nope. Just ignore these type of trolls

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As @TheFoil said.

You should actually find out the person’s name, and when they joined, and tell @milla

She will make sure he doesn’t troll anyone else

There is only 2 blockheads staff:

1- Milla

2- Majicdave

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Thanks! This name has been disabled. Please in future report impersonators to me by private message :slight_smile:


Just to avoid confusion in the future, blockheads staff will always appear with red text and border around their profile pic. It will also say “THE BLOCKHEADS TEAM” in the area where the mute and report buttons are. :slight_smile:


Correct. Does anyone have a screenshot of what I look like to the rest of you? I have these, but I don’t get the Blockheads Team thing. I get “you” :slight_smile:


This is how @milla appears when I see her ingame:

Or when fishing for milla (screenshot courtesy of @Ingeniare):


Whoops, got the wording wrong! Changed it to be accurate.

Autocorrect is a terrible thing :rofl:

Thanks guys :slight_smile:


And here we see the wild and elusive Milla, going about her daily routine checking on the hundreds of thousands of cloud servers, occasionally spotted by other players and almost caught, before escaping to continue her eternal duty of patrolling The Cloud.


Milla please update the game now

Please don’t post off-topic.

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And every once in a while… you’ll see that most rare of rare birds… Majic Dave himself!


It does exist…


Jeez! How did you manage to do that?!


Is this in your server D:

Yeah, Dave has been stopping by SGE at times to test some things for 1.7.
Although, don’t expect to see him there, I believe he has made an offline copy of SGE.

Oooo that looks interesting!