Is Dave still working on the Blockheads app?

Maybe he is just guessing, but will the devs ever come back and work on this game? Because it’s a unfinished game and needs a ton of updates there is no other game like this on the AppStore so the devs really need to come back and work on this while working in his other games. At least update them with bug fixes and fix the water flowing bug.

There’s only one dev and it’s Dave

The developer is working on another game.

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By creating a forum just for community members to share their suggestions, for example? :slight_smile:

Before Dave got going on his next game that’s exactly what the Suggestions forum was. At present it’s more about discussing ideas, than us gathering ideas.

You can read more about the next game here:

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He received some help to create the could server infrastructure, right?

That doesn’t change the fact that he’s the sole developer. Contracting out one task doesn’t make the contractor staff, beyond the fulfilment of that task.