Is duplicating legit?


Is duplicating stuffs in the game legit? I wonder why duplication glitches are always being patched after every update


Duplication is a form of cheating, it is not intended by the developer and is actually I would think a nightmare for them.

Because players would have easy access to basically infinite items by duplicating and the developer does not want you to have infinite amount of items thus he tries to patch every glitch.

I wouldn’t recommend duping, but it is truely up to you to decide wether to duplicate or not, but some servers may ban you for this as they may have duping rules. So make sure not to dupe on them :slight_smile:

And also, every time the developer patches duping glitches somehow a new one slips through starting the process over again.

Now if the duping glitch affects an IAP currency and it can be made into servers like what happened with blockheads, then it could cost the developer 1000’s of lost $$$ each month until it is truely fixed. I believe this would only happen if the game is insanely popular. But it could even happen to the smallest of games I believe.

Just a simple way I could describe it, PM me if I had gotten anything wrong.


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It is legit, but still considered a cheat.
(Most servers don’t allow it because of “The lag”)


Legitimate means legal, which in the context of design law, duping is not.

No, we don’t want people cheating. We permit it if people only do it on their own worlds or those of others who explicitly permit it in the world rules, but we do counter it when we can.


Hmm so basically duping is allowed if the server owner specifically states he allows it? And if a server owner forgot to mention anything about duping, then it is automatically banned in that server?


Pretty much :slight_smile:

It’s cheating, so unless explicitly permitted by the world owner it’s out.