Is getting around the 5 character limit a bad thing?


I am wondering. is getting around the 5 character limit a bad thing?

i have been using something like this to get around it


or other random things.

It saves me a lot when i need to short post.


I like to use <k> because it’s close to the < and > keys

I also make tags like <p> by doing <p<k>> so it doesn’t behave like a tag and instead it behaves like text.


This is illegal. @Bibliophile will prove


If your post is that short there’s a high probability it isn’t very useful. There’s always something else that you can say instead of just “yes” or “ok” that can make your post more interesting and/or useful to other people on the forum.

Oftentimes, with a post that short it might make more sense to just like the post of whomever you are replying to.

(I don’t really see this as an issue in #games, threads there really aren’t meant to be useful anyways…)

There is not any formal rule regarding short posts, but I try to contribute with each post - otherwise what’s the point?


What he said ^ :slight_smile:


Well said :clap: :smiley:


It’s extremely useful in lpw when you just want to post an emoji or something



:clap: :slight_smile:

Good points!