Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's flying land


So I am minding my own business, and I am about to Attempt to beat a record, when I found this! I had never seen it before, and I don’t think anyone has… I wanted to show you all.


What’s with the weird grid on the stone?!


Actually, I don’t know, I never noticed that!


You did, the record of the weirdest world :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup, I think I did… PUT IT ON THE RECORDS PAGE!!! :laughing:




Oh Ma gawd, my server is glitchy.
(That is air, underground. HOW!?)

(Edit 1) I just realised it’s an underground beach.

(Edit 2) my other blockhead, Charlie, died, and Lila took his place. R.i.p. Charlie. 2018-2018. We may now have a moment of silence for dearest Charlie…


I think your world might be corrupted.


Is it a bird? Is it a plain? No, it’s Superg… wait… nope that’s a floating mountain! :joy:


@wumbojumbo I think it is, halp.
@supergal1987 no, I think it’s just a flying mountain about to hit the gro-CRASH


I don’t think you could fix a corrupted world unless you made a backup.

If not then you are doomed. (I’m probably all wrong on this)


Yeah, that looks pretty corrupted. If it’s a server in the cloud, you can request a rollback.


Poor Charlie, I’m sure he did you good.


I’m just here for the title


Don’t fix it, that’s cool!


it’s not likely to be a very stable server to play on. But it could be interesting for a while.


It’s angel island!

BTW do you know the world seed?



Yeah, I’ve had that happen before.


I’ll give you the world seed later. I can’t right now. Soz.