Is it aloud to exchange in-game items for server credit?


Edit: Question is answered.

Alright, so let’s say a server’s low on credit. The owner can’t afford it, but has tons of coins and legitimate goods. Someone else offers a week of credit in exchange for 500 plat coins and they accept. So, is that an allowed transaction between two players? (If the area is murky, please specify)


So long as it’s for in-game stuff, sure!


Follow up question by me:

What if the player refuses to add the credit? What if the other player refuses to give the items after the other person added the credit? Does it mean it’s just your fault or does milla deal with it?


Yeah, that’s the serious issue. If one player tries to pull that’s over it would not be good, maybe there could be someone in the middle, but I don’t know if that would work. To be fran, I’m questioning doing this since it seems pay to win on certain servers.


Exchanges of assets between players are not in my remit. My hot tip would be to be very careful who you trade with! Personally, I’d only add credit to worlds whose owners I know, and that I plan to play on, whether or not they’re agreeing to give me something in return.


Frankly agreed, after giving this some thought and discussing it with someone I know, I’ve decided that this isn’t the right way to go with server funding. Thanks for notifying me of how it all works though.