Is it cheating in a no duplication world to dup stuff in another world then bring it with portal chest?

Just wondering if this is alowed.

If this were on my server, I would definitely say it’s cheating. I don’t allow duplication, so doing it on another world and bringing it in is pretty much the same thing.

If you really want to know, you should ask the specific owner of the world.


ok, thanks. What is your server?

YES it is! That is why many world owners ban portal chests, or set their world to expert/custom mode.


ok, thanks.

As @PorkyTheChop stated that would vary on who runs the server, and who calls the shoots. Now personally, I have always preferred an economy driven server, so I personally wouldn’t allow it.

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It will vary depending on whichever server you’re playing on.

I don’t think it as cheating because I allowing duped items as long as u don’t do it on my servers

The only “cheating” is if you break specific rules. I don’t want people using my server to try duplicating things, but I don’t care if a duplicated item enters my server.

So if you’re in a server where the whole point is to be self sufficient, then yes, bringing in items is cheating - duped or not.

Personally, I wish there was a portal chest for in-world transferring of items between characters, but only for that world.


From our perspective, duping is undesirable, and Dave put effort into preventing it into most of his updates. We don’t punish people for doing it though. It’s up to world owners to tolerate it or not.


It is technically cheating no matter where you decide to do it. But can’t be proven cheating if brought over to another server… unless of course you have dozens of rare items coming out of you left and right.:'D