Is it hard for a server to become a heritage server?



I was wondering how hard it could be for an older server to become a heritage server. I know that it probably should be popular to some degree and have something unique about it ( mine isn’t at all). I’m not sure what else needs to e met to be one.


How old is your server? Rabbit hole is the oldest server, created before the cloud server system existed.


My server is four years old.


I don’t have set criteria. I select worlds I think appropriately epic for whatever reason. I think I’ve chosen two so far, maybe three.


I only know of these two:


Skeeve’s Gigantic Empire

Both are also known as cultural treasure servers


I don’t want mine as one. I was just wondering.


Usually a heritage nowadays is an old person. Basically the beginning of the game old. Keep your server constantly active for a few years and it would be heritage. Or ya least if the community decides if it means something.


Just make it look epic I guess. And if it becomes well known, has many visitors and is still standing after how long, then I might be liked enough to be come a heritage.

The first time I traded turned out to be on a heritage server. And I have traded many times on it.


Making a world look epic won’t do it.

For example, Rabbithole was considered epic because it was a world that ran on Blockserver, the hosting platform that we had in place before the cloud was created. Right at the beginning of the cloud we ported Blockserver worlds into the cloud, and that one was included. The fact that it was still running years later was the epic bit.


I don’t want my server to be one because it’s to much work.


Yeah I know what you mean. But for me, when I can get enough ideas for decorations and awesome builds, I want to make mine a really good server.


Just a quick question on Heritage Server eligibility, do you think it would be possible to make a server now that might last to the point of eligibility? (Meaning that the general suspected life of servers and the player-base will continue on for a good amount of years.)


It’s not likely. We’ve got two or three with another one about to get promoted, and we’re five years into multiplayer worlds. Just enjoy the game and play on worlds you like or make worlds you want to play on :slight_smile:


Of what world will be promoted? just curious. :slight_smile:


That would be a secret…


Owch, lol.


@milla Think we could get an update as to the list of the current heritage worlds? So far in this thread we have the Rabbit Hole and SGE. also after browsing the forums it also seems this server became one as well Cloud World: TEAM FORWARD

are there any more were missing on the list?


No, that’s it :slight_smile: