Is it hard to spawn a donkey?


I planted so many carrots but no donkey is spawning is there a way I can spawn them? Please I need to get a unicorn


Make sure there is no backwall.

It’s not too hard to spawn them, but try adding light sources nearby. Good luck :slight_smile:


I recommend using steel lanterns.


Well I removed the back walls and light but how long does it take to spawn them?

How long does it take for them to spawn?


I think it used to take roughly 7 in game days to spawn donkeys from carrots as well. If you can meditate, try zooming through a few game days. :slight_smile:


In case you need to know, if you’re in a multiplayer server then it is easier if everybody is sleeping/meditating, but I recommend breeding/hatching animals when you’re the only one.
If you’re in single player you should also sleep or meditate.


How long is a game day when I meditate?


A few seconds. Maybe less than 15?

Plant a lot of carrots because it will greatly increase the chances of donkeys spawning usually allowing the cycle where the carrot resets and drops carrots. DO NOT pick up the carrots (unlesss you have very few carrot plants and need to plant more). If you let them despawn themselves, it will increase the chances for donkeys.


Next to each other?


Yes, that’s correct.


Seems pretty helpful.