Is it me or do people only care for suggestions about improving the game


Is it just me or do people care about suggestions that improve the game and find some sort of an excuse to dislike suggestions about adding things?

Please tell me if you notice this too.

Please remember that if you like a suggestion it is required! to put a heart icon so it can get noticed.


Isn’t this just normal? People want the game to improve.


It’s totally normal.


Well, not everyone thinks a suggestion may improve the game, even if you do.

It’s really just a matter of opinion. Not everyone agrees on one thing.


This is off topic but one man can only do so many things. He is juggling many things. Children, ambience and blockheads.


I want to know why you say that people try to find an excuse, they don’t look for one.
It isn’t an excuse to express what you think about a suggestion, and don’t generalize so openly.
You could think this is an excuse just because you might not like this comment, so what? As others have said, it is normal.


I think often with suggestions it can be difficult for everyone to always know how a idea could potentially be executed or the purpose but asking questions does not necessarily mean people dislike a idea. Even if a idea is not necessarily “liked” it could spark a interesting conversation which is in effect the purpose of these forums, are they not?


Adding stuff: takes lots of time

Improvements: (assumably) a lot quicker to do than creating completely new code for new things

That’s usually why


The whole point of having the suggestions forum is so that we can get feedback on the suggestion, and it can be developed by the community. The forum would be completely pointless if this didn’t happen. People want to improve the game, so they suggest additions or changes that they think would improve the game. If you make a suggestion that you think would improve it and others disagree that’s the forum at work, doing what it should. A post outlining why they don’t want something changed or added is not an excuse. It’s feedback, and it’s constructive.