Is it me or is the multiplayer pretty laggy?

I can’t be the only one noticing this. Each time I join a server, I experience an “Attempting to reconnect…” message and abruptly after that it notifies me that the disconnection was lost, every time, especially when i play on semi-decent mobile data. Could it be the fact I’m on mobile data? It’s gotten pretty annoying time and time again on each update; every time I play with friends, bam, it’s there. The most irritating part I find about this issue are the other multiplayer apps I have on my phone that run perfectly fine, especially ones that require more data to process. Anyways, I hope the next update will possibly have a look into this, take as much time as you all need and happy new years!

Is it to the point where you can’t play at all, or does it only pop up sometimes? That message pops up for everyone when the server crashes/resets. This tends to occur more often on big and laggy servers. Or is it just in the middle of playing? If that’s the case, it might be your phone or WiFi. That, or you may be looking at a laggier chunk of the world. If it occurs too often, you may want to reduce entities in the world.

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What do you mean by this?

Could you give us some more information?
What type of phone and version, maybe? Are you always trying to join the same world, or does it happen no matter what world you join?
Have you ever tried it on a reliable wifi? (A private, home wifi at your house or a friend would probably be better than a public wifi)
I will admit that it’s weird that your other online games work with your data plan, but not this one.

As for me, yes I sometimes have connection issues, but not as often as you make your issue sound. But I always use wifi.

Hope you can get it figured out so you can play again. Happy new year to you too ^-^

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i think he means reducing the number of animated objects like portals, animals, generators, things like that

I use a Galaxy J2, a decent phone model I’ve owned for about maybe 8 months now. This occurs on most worlds I join, even the ones that have just been started and freshly generated. It can run other online games perfectly fine but Blockheads always just breaks that expectation. I always rely on my mobile data, which is pretty good, being able to watch videos at 360p with no hassle whatsoever, but perhaps using cellular data can be the issue. Wifi plays a key role in this as far as I’m concerned, as I did run the game online using wifi before and it seemed to run much better as a result. I just don’t know why Blockheads online using my cellular data can run just as good as it does on wifi (I’m not very tech-savvy so forgive me if I messed up on anything I said)

So just go on an animals, portals and generator genocide inside my world?

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No worries - I’m also not tech-savvy. I was just trying to get more info so hopefully someone who knows better can help you😅
Good luck :+1:

Edit: have you tried any Mac Servers? I wonder if the result would be any different ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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I’m not familiar with mac servers but I’ll give it a go

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Things that move.

I think it’s more specifically anything that’s dynamic (i.e., changes position in some manner), including animated structures such as light fixtures.

Though admittedly, you’d have to be spamming a whole lot of lights to get them to kill a world.

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I’ve moved this to Android B&G, since it’s a problem on undeveloped worlds, as well as on more resource hungry ones.

You might want to contact Noodlecake Studios about this by pausing, tapping on HELP/CREDITS, scrolling down to Support, and taping on the email link there. If their autoresponse doesn’t provide the solution then reply to it saying so, so they know your ticket should be looked at.

There is a known problem with really developed worlds, and memory management on the cloud platform, but it doesn’t sound like that is your problem.

Out of interest, do you run Android 10 on your J2? We’ve had people reporting problems with playing online with 10.

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I had this problem for a while it’s on both cloud and Mac servers. And some.others I play with says they lag also

This precise problem, or just disconnections on developed worlds, like most people?

More developed at first then it started on newer I as that don’t have as.much built so it was mixed for a while so I started playing less.

Android 9 here. I experience the same problem, regardless of server and how many players are connected. Sometimes I can play fine when there are 10+ players connected, and sometimes I experience nonstop disconnections when only 2 people are connected. Strong internet connection also seems to have no effect on the frequency of disconnects, although very poor connection definitely results in more frequent disconnections, as expected. Sometimes the lag isn’t so bad; you can receive chat but do nothing else (cannot place blocks, load ‘fog squares’, open safes, etc)

Random crashes are also frequent (sometimes coinciding with incoming chat/when opening chat) and the outgoing side of the chat is very slow. This causes problems when there a ban needs to be executed, as the chat registers your text so slowly.

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Welp me too… I might return to blockheads once again when Noodlecake has a solution from this Android Laggy issue because I can’t enjoy playing it.

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I run Android 8.10, used to run just fine until 1.7 came around the corner.