Is it possible to bring back discobot?


Would it be possible to bring back discobot to this forums. Except it would be restricted to forums games and the bot being able to welcome you would be removed. Is this possible?

Though i understand a majority of people may disagree on my idea, but maybe we should give this another run if possible.

It has been about a year since discobot kicked the bucket and became milla’s iPhone 8, but if it is ever added maybe it could be given another name.


I will leave it up to you guys to decide if we should give the bot a second chance. Should we?

  • Yes
  • No

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I think this shouldn’t be removed. It’s helpful to those who’ve never been on a Discourse forum before.


Wow! So original!


Just call it Discobot.


I don’t think we can make a decision to bring it back but no from me either way


It’s up to us. It’s possible, but Dave and I agreed that we really didn’t like it, so we disabled it. There are no plans to enable it again. If we did it would be purely for its welcome function. That’s really the only useful contribution it made.