Is it possible to make a discord bot send messages if someone joins on discord?

If it is, that would actually be pretty cool (I know you’re thinking if I was going to make it. No, I’m too lazy and I don’t know a single thing about coding so again, NO!)

It’s possible. It’ll probably have to go off of what the console says, which means you might need a web server to do it.

Send messages in the game?

Hmm maybe in the server and discord would work…
That would be pretty cool if you could communicate with others outside of blockheads

It would also be against the rules.

I’ve actually seen a server do that.

Recently? Or a long time ago?

Somewhat recently.

Wow that’s cool
Could you pm me it?
I would like to have a look at it :blush:

The problem is, I tend to server hop and forget the names.

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I’m pretty sure @Wingysam made a message bot plugin that could send messages in and out of blockheads and discord, I’m pretty sure Dave made him take it down for some reason. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯



Feasible on Mac, not allowed on cloud :slight_smile:

oh ok
it would of been cool if that could happen

It’s against the rules? I’ve read the guidelines and all, and I may have forgotten, but I don’t recall it being against the rules. :eyes:

It is against the rules, yes.

Well could we do this on private servers?

Mac servers?

If milla or Dave says not to do something on the cloud you should probably just not do it

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