Is it possible to mod blockheads in a similar way one would make content mods for Minecraft?

I’m wondering if it’s possible to make content mods for the blockheads in a Similar way that one would mod Minecraft? Seeing as the creator has stopped working on the game, it would be cool to see people work their own ideas into the game in different ways. So in short, i is it theoretically possible?

Since you can decompile the code on MacOS, it should be possible. I believe @sam.boyer did a texture mod.

@WooHooGaming13 is right. You can swap out the textures and sounds, but that’s about it. It’ll only take effect on your side unless other people are using the modified textures/sounds too.

Here’s an example.

Dave didn’t take the moddable route with Blockheads, but he’s doing so with the next title, Sapiens. Making iOS games moddable is complex, as to do so you need to provide a modification interface, as well as a game interface. You can make local changes not intended, as mentioned. We don’t have a problem with this. We don’t recommend making use of third party game installs though, as we have no way to prevent malware being installed with them, when the App Store route isn’t taken.

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I made a more recent guide but only for android